Client List

Energy, Manufacturing, and Industrial Services

Great Lakes Hybrids (as subcontractor)
• A national agricultural seed company
Activity: Strategic planning, computer modeling of sales, decision making facilitation


Berner Cheese Manufacturing (as subcontractor)
• National unbranded cheese processor
Activity: Computer simulated production modeling for decision making, strategic


RCM Industries (as subcontractor)
• A remedial waste and contamination management company in Chicago, IL.
Activity: Organizational development, top management development and coaching


Dart Energy (as subcontractor)
• Small international oil and gas exploration company
Activity: Compensation plan for top management aligned to strategy


Great Lakes Energy (as subcontractor)
• Multi-site regional cooperative electricity distribution company
Activity: Organizational development, alignment of staff with strategy


Cherryland Electric Cooperative
• Cooperative electric distribution company with subsidiaries in Internet and retail Propane.
Activity: Organizational development, management team coaching, board development, marketing


Professional Services

Ciesa & Associates
• Local graphics arts firm with some regional and national clients
Activity: Business process and financial improvement, executive coaching


Ross & Associates
• Local public relations firm
Activity: General business structure and planning, professionalizing entrepreneurial operations


Pace & Partners
• Regional public relations and market research firm with several national clients
Activity: Facilitated strategic alliance with graphics arts firm, determining strategic value, setting structure, forming process, and enhancing communication and interaction


Illinois Cooperative Workers’ Compensation Group
• Self-insurance cooperative for Illinois Electrical Cooperatives
Activity: Future based strategic planning determining programs and services that would meet members future needs, making strategic choice of third party administrator


Retail and Recreation

MMA – Earthly Delights
• National specialty foods distributor
Activity: Process and organizational structure improvement


Pine Mountain Ski Resort
• Northern Michigan ski lodge
Activity: Organizational assessment from multiple perspectives (financial, marketing, operational) and improvement plan


Financial Institutions


Muskegon Governmental Employees Federal Credit Union
• Community based credit union
Activity: Strategic planning, strategic market plan for growth


Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union
• Community based credit union
Activity: Installation of new governance system for board



Michigan State University, School of Human Ecology, Department of Human Environment and Design
• Multi-unit department dealing with merchandising, interior design, and apparel design
Activity: Scenario planning, developing future based plans under uncertainty


Michigan State University, Detroit College of Law, Development Department
• School of Law that became strategic partner with MSU and moved onto its campus
Activity: Facilitated development of strategic plan for department, conducted organizational effectiveness assessment, facilitated team development


Grand Rapids Community College, Technical, Academic, and Professional Support
• Unit within a large regional community college that had become key to successful operations
Activity: Developed a compensation system for a diverse unit that aligned it with the strategic direction of the College


East Carolina University, Human Environmental Sciences College
• College within the University in the area of family and consumer sciences
Activity: Facilitating large scale change through focus groups, assessment, strategic retreat
and team building


Cooley Law School Library
• Law library supporting a large and growing law school with national reach
Activity: Developed organizational structure and compensation system that was aligned with library’s strategic focus


Cooley Law School
• A large and growing law school with national reach
Activity: Recommended changes for support staff in staffing, structure and work process to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement


Albion College Library
• Small liberal arts college library in rural Michigan with national and international students
Activity: Strategic planning using gap analysis, organizational development


Numerous Public School Districts (as subcontractor)
• District and regional public school systems
Activity: Organizational effectiveness, workflow improvement, communication, compensation system development

Non-Profit Associations


Michigan Society of Association Executives
• Statewide association for executive development and support
Activity: Seminar development and presentation, scenario planning


Michigan Library Consortium
• Statewide organization of member libraries for technology and information resources
Activity: Scenario analysis, organizational effectiveness, staff development, strategic conversations and planning


Michigan Association of Broadcasters
• Association for the support and betterment of TV and Radio businesses
Activity: Conducted focus groups, developed survey to drive strategic planning


Kappa Omicron Nu
• Honor society for educational field of Family and Consumer Sciences
Activity: Scenario analysis and strategic thinking exercises, use of scenario as tool for Change


Michigan United Conservation Clubs
• Statewide outdoors sports association with 60,000 members
Activity: Board development, 3 year change program, staff development


Numerous Other Associations
• Various professional and industry trade associations
Activity: Focus group, survey, staffing, strategic thinking and planning, scenario planning,
difficult conversations



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