About Eric Craymer

Eric Craymer brings a unique blend of professional training and practical experience to the projects he is associated with. He has been a business owner, researcher, manager, and consultant. His experience includes direct leadership roles with several start-ups and turn-arounds in both the retail and trade association environments as well as consulting in both the private and public sectors.

Projects include:
• Leading and/or facilitating strategic thinking and planning sessions.
• Facilitating organizational development in an uncertain future through the use of scenario analysis and planning.
• Development of computer based strategy-testing models capturing key decision-makers mental models of the way their organization and its environment operate.
• Organizational effectiveness and efficiency studies to determine enhancements to strategy, systems, and processes.
• CEO coaching and team development with management and/or board.
• Providing guidance to organizations entering the start-up stage or transitioning from the entrepreneurial to the professionally managed organizational lifecycle stages.
• Installation and support of the Carver Policy Governance“ system.

Eric earned an MBA from Michigan State University with a major concentration in marketing and with a secondary focus on classes in finance. His undergraduate degree, also from Michigan State University, was in Personnel Management with a dual major in Psychology. In addition, he is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a graduate of the Carver Policy Governance“ Academy, and a member in good standing of both the International Policy Governance“ Association and the Institute of Management Accounting.

He has authored two research articles on firm growth with Dr. Glenn S. Omura of the Eli Broad School of Business Management at Michigan State University. The first, The Liability of Growth; A Second Critical Period of Liability, was presented at the American Marketing Association’s Marketing and Entrepreneurship Conference, New York, August 1995. The second, A Portfolio Approach to Modeling Firm Growth Patterns, was presented at the 41st International Small Business Conference World Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, in June 1996.

Areas of expertise include organizational effectiveness, strategic marketing, management, finance, organizational development, and the entrepreneurial process. Considerable research has been done in the areas of firm growth, transitional stages, high growth strategies, organizational decline, turn-around strategies, start-up strategies, and entrepreneurship.



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