GROWTH MANAGEMENT CONSULTING specializes in helping organizations, departments and teams deal with the strategic issues of growth and change. We carefully select organizations to team with. Our role is that of coach, expert, and facilitator. Some consultants will present you with a standard cookie cutter solution; we guide you through the process of forming your own solution that is tailored to your unique situation. It is important to us that we will be able to help the organization move to a better place, that they are truly committed to making the move, and that all involved can have fun in the course of the process.

Qualifications & Experience
Growth Management Consulting has been helping clients in the education, healthcare, association and business sectors successfully define and achieve their goals since 1997. It has worked with dozens of clients in many different areas and with many different problems.

Eric Craymer is the owner and principal consultant. He brings a unique blend of professional training and practical experience to the projects he is associated with. He has been a business owner, researcher, manager, author and consultant. Eric holds an MBA in marketing from the Eli Broad School of Business Management at Michigan State University and is a certified management accountant (CMA). His experience includes direct leadership roles with several start-ups and turn-arounds in both the retail and trade association environments as well as consulting in both the private and public sectors.


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